Glamour Modelling

       Glamour AdultGlamour Modelling and Adult Entertainment Could you be a successful glamour model? 

There's lots of money to be earned in the adult entertainment industry, if you're not shy! And the usual restrictions such as height don't apply, so it's a lot easier to get into than other forms of modelling.

Let's start with a few definitions and explanations:

 The term Glamour usually describes photos that include elements of nudity or eroticism. So, be prepared to appear topless or to pose in erotic positions in underwear or lingerie. Examples of glamour photography can be found in FHM and Maxim.

 (If you aren't particularly outgoing and comfortable about being seen partly or fully naked, either in print or in the studio, you will not succeed in any of these areas.)Nude modelling is much like glamour but can involve full nudity and more sexually explicit poses. 

The images in Playboy, Penthouse and Perfect 10 could be described as nude modelling or 'Soft Porn' images.Adult entertainment describes the production of sexually explicit images and videos that involve both full nudity and in some cases the performance (or simulation) of sexual acts both alone and with other girls and boys. 

The choice of work is entirely yours. More money is offered for the 'higher' levels of work, but nobody would ever ask you to do work you didn't want to do.

 There are over 600 monthly adult related magazines and over 750,000 monthly subscription adult web sites in the USA alone. They vary from playboy-like imagery to really explicit material.

To keep their subscribers happy, each one has to publish photos of new girls every month. They can't repeat old images too often and don't like to duplicate images from other magazines and web sites if they can avoid it. At a conservative estimate, there is a demand for around 500,000 new young models every year to meet this apparently insatiable demand.In particular, there is a huge demand for (and shortage of) pretty young models with natural looking breasts who are prepared to work in the adult entertainment industry.

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