Step by step guide to be a model


1: Measure Yourself Measure your height, bust or chest, waist and hips.Checklist (Girls) Are you 5' 7" or taller?Is your bust between 32 and 35 inches?Is your waist between 22 and 25 inches?Are your hips between 33 - 36 inches?Do you have clear skin?Do you have healthy hair?Do you have white straight teeth?Boys need to be at least 6 foot tall, have clear skin, healthy hair and white straight teeth. 

STEP 2: Consider Your Mental Attitude Are you ambitious, confident, organised, punctual and willing to travel and perhaps live in foreign cities?Are you good with money? Will you be able to spend and save wisely?Can you take criticism and rejection? Are you likeable, tolerant even tempered? STEP 3: Photos This is often the first difficult hurdle for the aspiring model. If you can afford to go to a portrait or fashion photographer and pay him or her for their valuable time all well and good.Most young people cannot stretch to this expense, and quite frankly, if you have potential you will not find it difficult to persuade professional photographers to provide you with good pictures on a 'time for prints' basis. (Prints for Time refers to a session between a photographer and model where no money changes hands. The model provides his or her time and the photographer provides copies of the resulting photographs).For most people, snaps are the answer. You must find a friend or relative who will be supportive in your efforts and ask them to take some pictures of you. A good compact camera will do, but an SLR in the right hands will produce better results. Forget that idea to sneak down to the photo booth at the station!If you can, find a white surface for a background (sheet?) and make sure that it is well covered by natural light if your friendly photographer has no lighting equipment. Take as many pictures as you can, both colour and black and white, but make sure that you include a few close-up head and shoulders shots (with and without make-up for girls) and some full-length swim wear shots. This is not the time to try and hide anything, it will only waste everyone's time.When you get the pictures developed, have the best 5 pictures enlarged to at least 10 x 8 inches in 3 duplicate sets. Mount one set on black card at A4 size and put them in an A4 size black display folder from your local stationers. Keep the second set safe (with the negatives) and put the third set aside ready to send out to your first contact. 

STEP 3: Get on the telephone Get hold of a copy of your local yellow pages and look up 'Model Agencies'. If you find none you may need to visit your local library to search further afield. If one of the listings catches your eye, or if one of the agencies suggests that they welcome calls from aspiring models, make a note. Otherwise make a note of the name and number of the last agency listed. The ones beginning with 'A' will be receiving the most calls and may not be too helpful.Before you dial, give some thought to who you should speak to and what you are going to say. You should ask to speak to the person who handles new models. Don't tell them you want to be a model! calmly explain that a number of friends have suggested that you should consider modeling as a career and that you are ringing for expert advice.This is where you have to be extremely careful. Some model agencies supplement their commission income by charging aspiring models inflated fees for the the production of a portfolio. If you can spare a few hundred pounds or dollars then you'll get some marvelous pictures to show your children. But beware, in these circumstances an agency representative may show plenty of confidence in your earning potential only up until the point at which you write the cheque! Furthermore, you'll need pictures by a range of photographers if your portfolio is to be of any use.Of course, in the vast majority of cases you will be given fair and honest advice. It will probably result in the suggestion that you send in some pictures, but don't offer until you are asked. This is where your enlarged snaps come in. Make sure you make a note of the name of the person you speak to. If they show no interest or tell you that they're not taking on new models, thank them politely and move on to the next in your list.

STEP 4: Sending in your picturesWhen you get your fist request for pictures you can put together your pack. Make sure you have a hard-backed envelope so that your pictures stay flat. Put them in a clear plastic slip, one with an open top and side.Type a covering letter. Don't send anything handwritten. Don't bother to ask for the pictures back. Put it on top of the pictures in the slip. It should read something like this:A N OtherSome AgencySome TownSome PlaceSome Post Codedate Dear (insert Mr or Mrs or Miss and last name), Further to our telephone conversation on (insert date), I enclose some pictures as requested.I am (age) and my measurements are as follows:(insert measurements)I am currently (insert studying, working etc).If you would like to see me, or you are able to refer me to a photographer on a 'prints for time' basis, I will be pleased to hear from you.Yours sincerely, Your Name Your address and telephone number. Make sure you seal the envelope carefully and that it is weighed and stamped correctly for first class post. Wait 7 days and if you haven't heard back then call again to check that the photos arrived safely.If the agency shows no interest then have another set of pictures enlarged from your negatives and get back on the phone.The industry is full of horror stories from agents who turned down Claudia Schiffer, so don't be disheartened if the first 4 or 5 agencies do not respond.If however you have made contact with 10 or more agencies without any response you should assume that for one reason or another, you don't have the look that they are currently seeking.

STEP 5: Your first 'Go See' A 'Go See' is a trip to meet either a photographer, a fashion editor, an advertising agency, or perhaps a public relations firm. Professional models are sent on 'Go Sees' with their portfolios along with often may other models to 'audition' for a modeling assignment. A professional working fashion or photographic model might go on 20 in a month and get only one booking!Your first 'Go See' will be to the first agency who ask to see you or to a photographer they recommend in order for you to pose for him or her in return for copies of the pictures.It is most likely to be to the agency. Now think. The agent might have received 10 packs that day and chose yours. Great! But remember, he or she might see a new model everyday of the week. If you've got the appointment then they liked your pictures and feel that you have potential. Agents, photographers and clients all say that a professional model's personality, attitude to work and outlook on life are overriding factors in the choice of models for professional work. The higher up the ladder you get the more important this becomes. It's taken for granted that you look right. It's your personality that will now get you the repeat bookings.Rumour has it that one of the world's most successful supermodels was sent home form a Pirelli Calendar shoot by the photographer for being a pain in the neck and moaning all day!You might as well get it right from the start, and that means your first visit to the agency.Don't overdo your appearance. No dinner jackets and no heavy make-up. It's a meeting, not a party. Wear something smart but casual. Girls should wear a skirt. You should take swim wear because they might ask you to change and give a twirl. Practice this beforehand but remember, they won't expect a professional catwalk!Be yourself, but be confident without arrogance. This may be your best shot. If the interviewer takes a liking to you, he or she will want you to succeed. Don't get over friendly. After all it's a business deal with someone you have never met.You'll probably be asked a number of questions that you hadn't anticipated. Think about your answers but be honest.Whatever the outcome, thank the person for their time and if necessary make a note of anything you think is important.If you get this far you will not need this guide any longer. Good Luck!

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