Teenage Modelling

Teenage Modelling If you are a teenager, then this page is for you!..

If there's anything that we've missed out, or anything you want to ask, please let us know... Thanks! 

Measurements & StatsGenerally speaking, the usual rules about measurements go out of the window, especially if you're still growing.

"Teenage Fashion" is big business, with catalogues and adverts. These companies need models the right size for the clothes! They want

 "Teenage Size" models, not "Adult Size" models !!!Also, if a Teenage model is needed for an advert, or TV, they don't want a Teenage model who is as big as the adults, or bigger than the adults, do they? !So, in other words, don't try to change yourself !Don't go on crash-diets!Don't start eating hundreds of Vitamins! You're probably just fine the way you already are! Types of Modelling Many different types of modelling work are available to you, including fashion shows, catalogue modelling and commercials, as well as magazines and promotional work.Statistics are not as crucial, as a wide variety of 'looks' are needed for different assignments. 

The only important thing to think about is the issue of topless or nude photos.If you're under 18, it's not advisable to do topless or nude photos; There's really no need for you to do this, despite what some people may try to tell you.If you're under 16, it's actually illegal do topless or nude photos. Under no circumstances should you do it.

There is nothing wrong with modelling Swimwear. In fact, such photos form part of a normal portfolio.However, if a photographer's very first question is "Do you model in Swimwear?", then I would be very suspicious indeed. It would be best to find another photographer, who is keen to do a range of fashion, where Swimwear is just one of many outfits.

Sometimes you have to go with your instincts. If a photographer makes you feel uncomfortable, even if you're not sure why, just politely decline. There are lots of good and honest photographers out there, that you can choose instead.This leads us onto the next subject...Safety TipsSafety is the most important thing, whether you're 16 ...or 66 !!It's better to miss out on a modelling job, than to risk your safety.Check out our separate SAFETY page later on, which has advice for everybody modelling.

 The only thing that's different about Teenage Modelling is that, if you're under 16, you need permission from your parents to do any kind of modelling.If someone asks you to model for them, but they aren't keen to get permission from your parents first, then decline the offer. Anyone who is genuine will insist that they get permission first.It's the same with references - Always ask for references. Ask for the contact details of models who have worked with them already. BUT - Don't just accept an e-mail reference from a model, because it's EASY for someone to INVENT a made-up model. The so-called reference could be written by the photographer themselves!!!! 

Beware!Ask for the model's phone number, so at least you can have a chat with the model yourself. IF a person is not keen to give you references, then they must have something to hide.ANY genuine photographer (even an amateur photographer) will be really keen to give you references, to put your mind at rest. 

A genuine photographer will be proud of his work with models, and will be keen to let you speak to the models he has worked with.

THE GOLDEN RULE is :-That ALL arrangements should be made through your parents.This is the cleverest way, because the bad people will run a mile, and you'll get to work with all the BEST people in the Modelling World !

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